event overview
China Autonomous Vehicle Conference 2016, the newborn event of IG Vision's vehicle series event, will invite policy makers, auto makers, suppliers, and service providers to share the update policy changes, business trends, new technology development and current challenges & opportunities in the vehicle industry.
Topics will be covered:
Policy guidance
Business trend & new models
EV & Hybrid Vehicle
V2V, V2I, V2P, V2X
Telematics & Fleet Management
Algorithm Software
IT architecture
Driver Behavior
Wireless communication & vehicular networking
Internet of Things
Navigation systems
Big data & Cyber security
Computering Platform
In-Vehicle Infotainment
Driver Distraction & Monitoring
Remote diagnostics
Collision Avoidance System
Sensor technology & Environmental perception
Real-time Incident Detection
Smart Phone Integration
Display technologies
Transport infrastructure of Autonomous Vehicles
Congestion Management and Avoidance
Remote Parking
Testing and verification
Claim responsibility
5G technology
Electric Power Steering (EPS)
Aftermarket & O2O
Auto Finance

Who should attend:
Automotive OEMs
Internet Companies
Automobile Parts Manufacturing Companies
Automobile Electronics Providers
Telematics Service & Technology Providers
Content & Services Providers
Platform Hardware Providers
Software Providers & System Integrators
Media and Entertainment Industry
Telecom Operators
Chip Producers
Communication Module Providers
Finance Investors


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